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Stream more video for less
Save with Smarter infrastructure
Team of Computer Engineers Work on Machine Learning Neural Network Technology Development.

managed Video streaming at scale

Free up your engineers to focus on building your product, while we take care of scaling your video traffic.

Adding more servers isn't the only solution.

Smarter ingestion, encoding and container automation can reduce operational expenses dramatically.

Our Services

Software development after sundown

Network Audits

Our engineers review your configuration to assess cost saving opportunities.

Data mining and big data

Delivery optimisation

Storage, transcoding & content delivery technical, process & cost optimization.

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Maintenance & support

24/7/365 monitoring and engineering support to ensure optimal performance.

Drop Shadow

Our Product

Host an event, not another meeting

Host separate rooms within a larger streaming event.

Think tradeshow booths at an event.

Or being in box seats with your friends during the big show.

What You Get


Dramatic cost savings

We can typically reduce your video storage & delivery cost by 30% to 50%.

Free Stamp

Risk free trial

After our free audit, we'll build a working solution you can try before you switch.

Group of Engineers

Best in class engineering team

For a fraction of the cost of attracting & retaining your own product team.


How can you reduce cost so much?

Our video encoding & distribution is based on more modern technologies than our competitors, enabling us to do more with less.

How can you ensure smooth transition?

Switching your backbone can be stressful, we provide fail over instances to migrate your traffic in controlled batches ensuring a flawless transition.

How do you price your services?

We look at your current traffic and infrastructure costs and price ourselves based on a percentage of the savings we provide.

Who is this for?

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You need to be moving a lot of video for us to maximize our impact. If you haven't found product market fit yet we're probably not needed.

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Scaling a streaming business requires increasingly specialized experience as you grow, our engineers compliment your team as your business grows.

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Reducing the cost of your product delivery without affecting it's quality is always an easy shareholder win. Let us show you how we can raise your NPS while lowering your burn.

Let's see if we're a good fit

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